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Author of Horror Romance Literature


Yes, you read that right. Horror. Romance. Literature. Think about those three words for moment. Say them out loud. Let them wash around in your mouth for a while. Horror, that most cruel of genres, but a great and misunderstood teacher. Romance, that popular throughline of life. For the young at heart, are there truly any other subjects; yet as a genre become so mundane and redolent. Literature, that aspirant genre apart from mere fiction writ large, that argues in the language of the soul, occasionally transcending the page.Is it possible to write them all three together. They are quite diverse it would seem, in means as well as ends. I aim to prove not only that they can, but that they must.


On elevating horror to the level of literature.


Horror – that most misunderstood of genres. That teacher of men of old, now become maligned with non-sense trash. Pointless gore. The scare for the sake of the scare.


At its most aspirant, horror is justice; karma; tragedy. The resulting fruit of a life ill-lived.


The teacher of youth. The biblical hell. The sometimes ironic telling of the earnest and poignant.


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